Karibu IdFabric!

Our Company

Inspired by the sheer beauty of Tanzania and its people, and challenged by climate change and plastics pollution, the Belgian-Tanzanian company IdFabric was founded in 2019.

We have a portfolio of products and services that have been thoughtfully crafted to truly put Tanzania on the map of world class producers.
As our name suggests, there is true identity put on each product and/or services fabricated in our hands.


We aim to be Africa’s leading recycling company that manufactures and constructs the highest quality products and container spaces.

Our Values

IdFabric guarantees sustainability in all the activities it undertakes. Like our factory being powered by solar panels and the use of recycled plastic in making our Chakawood. We understand the need for change and want to help make it happen.


We take responsibility for all the actions and results we do. You can always count on us through the many processes we will go through and the actions we take.


IdFabric attaches great importance to the relationships with its customers, integrity is therefore key. We want to guarantee transparent cooperation.


As a Belgian-Tanzanian company we attach great importance to diversity. This cooperation is one of the strengths of the company. That is why everyone can come to us and no one is excluded.


Through collaboration, we raise the company to a higher level. We do this both internally and externally. On the corporate level, we do this by optical coherence between the different departments. But also by entering into partnerships with other like-minded businesses, universities, and the community around us.


Progressive business practices: We believe that as a business we can make the world a better place for our co-workers, our communities, our environment, and design products that serve the generations to come.