Karibu IdFabric!

Climate Action

According to sustainable development Goals 13, Climate change is caused by human activities and is threatening the way we live and the future of our planet. By addressing climate change, we can build a sustainable world for everyone. That is why we act Now…

We support the fight for climate justice and a fossil-free future that’s healthier and more equitable for all.

With Our FactoryOur Sustainable productionOur Sustainable SourcingOur Innovation + Technology


Our Factory

Our factory is powered by 480 solar panels, producing up to 120KW of Green energy. We consider the environment in all our processes, trying to recycle/reuse as much as possible and limit our ecological footprint.

Sustainable Production

We actively recycle everything recyclable during production without compromising on quality: waste plastic into construction material, waste newspaper+glass into insulation, waste shipping containers into functional spaces, and waste metal into decorative designs. We also encourage our clients to opt to have their container spaces solar-powered where applicable.

Sustainable Sourcing

We acknowledge many suppliers but carefully curate our suppliers to only work with like-minded companies who also care for their people and the environment. We believe in partnerships that work for us, for the environment, and people at large.

Innovation + Technology

With the 360 approaches to the design, product development, sourcing, production, installation, and serving process, we are heavily guided by our environmental policy. Are inspired by the beauty of a greener planet. We use the highest technology in the market in our production, this ensures efficiency and manageable regulated power usage.