Karibu IdFabric!


We are a purpose-driven organization that believes that people drive our business forward, and in return, the business puts coworkers and community wellbeing at the center of everything we do.

Our Culture

We cultivate a healthy work environment designed for the team to have a sense of ownership and be great coworkers.

  • Innovative and creative when it comes to production, to come up with the most sustainable solutions. Report early and work hard during work hours, play harder off work hours(nyama choma, safaris, football, parties).
  • Even though we are a mix of cultures, age, education, colors, sexuality, and heights we put all that aside when it comes to sharing opinions and ideas and we love the diversity
  • Individually and as a company we take initiative and are honest and faithful
  • We like hanging out with each other, giving and accepting feedback, or just having lunch together.

Principles that guide us:

Equitable Value Chain

We do Right by our employees who like partners benefit from the profits we make by bringing more sense of ownership to the work. We’re committed to paying all the workers throughout our supply chain a livable wage—or better—whether they’re working in a factory, a store, or an office.

Constant Growth & Improvement

We built into our business model the incentive to act in a way that promotes fairness, transparency, inclusivity, individuality, healthy families, real work-life balance, environmental stewardship, and an unwavering commitment to craft across every aspect of our business.

Social & Environmental Change

This goes across the board from individual levels to company initiatives, goals, and policies. We believe in the power of the ripple effect. Whatever we do will affect the person next to us, so it better brings positive change. We have fun! We work hard and play harder.

We have fun!

We work hard and play harder.

Social Impact

We believe in the power of community, therefore we partner with the Local government of Pwani region (Kibaha) and Local community colleges to identify and give traineeship opportunities to vulnerable groups of people that often end up in jobs which means sustainable income for a household and/or young individual with career goals.